The Great Alien Wear Computer Controversy

So Alien Wear computers have been around for a long time, and have been the favourite gaming machine for many hardcore gamers. But since Dell's acquisition of Alien Wear, the computer seems to be generating more and more controversy. Some seem to love Alien Wear Computers while some of the anger towards them may stem from a hatred of Dell. As far as hardwear goes, alienwear seems to be stacked - and a lot of the controversy arises from whether or not the price is worth it for the hardwear you get. You'll see a lot of posts out there asking "Is it worth it to get an Alien Wear computer?" - and a lot of heated answers from both sides in response.

Word on the street about alien wear computers:

02-11-2005, 11:42 PM
ok so i am getting a new computer and i have decide ehter to get on made for me or by an alina wear i love the alienwear and i could get one but they are expensive i was wondering all the stuff in the alienwaear Area-51m 7700 could i get in a custom made laptop? here is the link to the one i wont It is cool lol i wont it bad :thumb: but u guys are smart and i would like ur advise so thanks

02-12-2005, 12:53 AM
ok so i am getting a new computer and i have decide ehter to get on made for me or by an alina wear i love the alienwear and i could get one but they are expensive i was wondering all the stuff in the alienwaear Area-51m 7700 could i get in a custom made laptop? here is the link to the one i wont It is cool lol i wont it bad :thumb: but u guys are smart and i would like ur advise so thanks


Obviously that is the best gaming laptop around at the current time, but of course, it is also the most expensive thing out there most likely. You should ask yourself a few questions (below) before you go about buying a gaming laptop.

1) Do I really need all the power?
In your case, most likely not. Unless you are running all the latest graphic hogging games, and want to be prepared for future games. You could get a much cheaper laptop (or desktop) that can run all the games probably within the next couple of years.
2) Do I really need the portability of a laptop?
Once again, in your case, most likely not. You are only 14, according to your profile, so chances are you will not be carrying it around with you to college or other places. It will probably just stay on your desk, which is why I would consider a desktop.
3) Is it really worth paying $2500.00+ on a computer?
Absolutely not. I would buy a cheaper but a very moderately-high performance computer, and save the difference of cash for other endeavours. Although it would be a kick-ass thing to have, you do not really need it. You could build together, or buy a factory one, from anywhere for WAY cheaper, and it will probably suit your needs just fine. When you buy Alienwear, you are basically just paying for the name. If you buy the parts seperately and build them for a desktop, it is a lot cheaper.
4) Will I need to expand in the future?
Your option is limited on this one, you can't add parts or replace parts with ease for a laptop by yourself. With a desktop, it is a quick swap which the customer can do theirselves. With a desktop, you can add several parts, such as new video cards, sound cards, harddrives, and anything that can fit in to a PCI or AGP slot, or one of the HD bays. Pretty much the only thing you can replace on a laptop with ease is RAM.

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Alien Wear Computer News

Gtamurrmurr, I dont have a alienwear computer, like Mouldy said its best to make your own system that way you get what you want, but i do have the alienwear theme on my computer you can get on Xp styles.

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Alienwear computer for Photoshop use

Robert Noyes - 08:37pm Mar 19, 2007 Pacific

I know Alienwear computer seem to cater to the gamers but are these machine good photo machines also. Some things appear to be overkill but they semm like good machine.

What recommendations would someone make for a good photoshop machine short of building one myself. I want to have a good machine that allows for 8GB of Memory, great graphics and a powerful power supply as well as adequate expansion for additional drives and possibly an additional video card.

I want to stick with XP for now and would like to have quad core or at min, a dual core.

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Re: Want to buy a pink notebook PC
by KenSanramon - 8/21/04 3:25 PM
In reply to: Re: Want to buy a pink notebook PC by R. Proffitt Moderator

Apple used to have a lot of colors on its notebooks.

Most mainstream PC notebooks are either black or silver or a combination of those colors.

You can find a lot of custom desktop cases from Alienwear, etc. but for mainstream notebooks you probably should look at Apple first.

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im looking to get a new computer in around July for some gaming. i dont want to build it myself, im lazy so im looking for a company like alien wear to make it for me. does anybody know the easist way to get a alienwear computer or any other companies that are like alienwear ?

BTW im looking for a beast computer for around 3k.

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Alienwear Competition Results

Welcome to the results of our largest programming competition ever! The winner walked away with the following PC system:
AMD Athlon XP processing power, a blisteringly fast graphics card and 120 GB drive space could have been yours - thanks to Alienwear

We teamed up with Alienwear, the PC manufacturer that has revolutionised gaming and workstation machines with their innovative designs and monster specifications. Their powerful bleeding-edge hardwear was the ideal partner for our leading development language DarkBASIC Professional and up for grabs was one of their seriously sexy Aurora systems.

What's more you didn't even need to own DarkBASIC Professional in order to take part because we created a special Trial version, this is something we shall do again in future competitions.

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Re: Velocity Micro Buys Overdrive, Puget Next?
Yeah, I found that interesting.

The other consolidations made sense to me: Voodoo+HP. Dell+Alienwear. I was surprised that Velocity Micro was shopping around, and I honestly don't know anything about OverdrivePC

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Alienwear computer
If anyone is planning on getting a new computer any time soon, DO NOT GET AN ALIENwear! My friend just paid 3000 for some Alienwear comp and when he recieved it,(2 weeks later than he was supposed to) it didnt even work. He sent for a repair guy. The repair said that the 2 chips of ram were corrupt and the motherboard was KFC. He sent for replacment ram and motherboard. 2 weeks later (worst shipping of all time) they arrived. He replaced the motherboard and the ram. Except when he tried to turn on his comp, it didnt boot. So he sent for the repair guy again. HE told him that again alienwear screwed up. The ram was damaged. So he ordered some more ram. When it arrived, he put it in and tried to boot his comp. It wouldnt boot. He called the repaird guy and he said that the computer was booting, except that the monitor wasnt turning on because the geforce 4 card had been severly damaged. My friend got so pissed that he just returned the comp. I dont even see why he wanted an Alienwear any way, another one of my friends has one, and it is slow as crap. It is sposed to be 2.0gig p4, but it seems like a P2 800mhz. Why do people buy Alienwears? They are slow, they are triple the price a computer should be, and most of the time they dont even work. Compaq even makes better computers than that. I wouldnt waste my money on a top of the line Alienwear if it was 75% off. 2 thumbs down for Alienwear

I have heard nothing but good things about Alienwear. Just because they messed up once it does not mean that they suck.

And maybe your other friend just does not know how to care for a computer.

[edit]err, why am I on the top? I did not start the thread[/edit]

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Yes, Alienwears computers are nice and they do put great gaming gear into them. If you want the alien case, by all means buy one its like buying a mac, I know its really expensive but its so pretty! However if you are really looking for a great gaming machine with great graphics go to dell pick out the alien wear computer you want and then.

1. Take those specs to Tigerdirect or Newegg and buy all the same components for 50-60% less cost.

OR if you dont know how to plug a card into a slot and screw in 10 screws.

2. Take those specs to your local computer store (not a best buy or compusa but Bobs computer hut, or Ace Computers. Someplace in a strip mall with one geek in a poloshirt behind the counter) and ask them to build it for you for 30-40% less cost. They might even be able to tweek a few settings for you to push it up the extra 5% in performance that you get with a alienwear computer.

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